The pavilionHOUSE – a housing

The landscape of contemporary life is constantly and dramatically changing.

The traditional ‘nuclear’ family is yielding to the emergence of increasingly diverse and unusual households.

The current trends are driven by a surge in the search for different, and more affordable and sustainable ways of living.

The pavilionHOUSE is a modern interpretation of an ancient approach to the planning and design of a ‘house’ to meet these emerging and evolving needs.

pavilionHOUSE image

The keys to the pavilionHOUSE

Also known as a ‘courtyard’, ‘expanded’, or ‘exploded’ house, the keys to the pavilionHOUSE are the ability to build and/or buy a pavilion of your own which you can own.

Great for genuine minimalists. Perfect for ‘retirees’ and the ‘ageless’ who never want to be confined to – or cannot afford – a ‘space’ in a “retirement village” or “aged care facility”.

Build your own micro-community: have security in tenure – without exorbitant exit, entry, or ongoing fees – in a pavilion of your own, with a choice to socialise with other household members, and the freedom to trade or bequeath your ‘shareholding’ as you wish.

We provide professional services – in Queensland to begin with – to take the path of least to no resistance in building and/or buying a pavilion or pavilionHOUSE of your own.

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