What is a pavilionHOUSE?

A pavilionHOUSE (sometimes referred to as a ‘courtyard’, ‘expanded’ or ‘exploded’ house) is a form, arrangement, type, and style of house that features separate, typically detached rooms (‘pavilions’) that are connected by uncovered outdoor walkways and/or covered breezeways or verandas.

The traditional pavilionHOUSE is usually built in a series of separate pavilions for members of large, intergenerational families and their guests, and commonly consist of a big living-dining-kitchen pavilion, and several smaller bedroom-living pavilions each with private bathroom. Other pavilions may include a workshop, creative/art space, and/or entertainment area.


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The new pavilionHOUSE was inspired by and borne at “The Bower”, a pavilionHOUSE built over 40 years amongst regenerating rainforest on the Blackall Range in the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.


The new pavilionHOUSE is the brainchild of Malcolm Holz.  Malcolm is a veteran urban and regional planner, a seasoned building and urban designer, independent researcher, and practicing musician.  

Malcolm and soul mate, Wanita, have lived at “The Bower” for 30 years.  In addition to being a standout seamstress, specialist micro kitchen designer, and successful small business owner/operator, Wanita is an Airbnb super host with over 1,000 reviews. is proof that a pavilion in a pavilionHOUSE can provide a profitable home-based business.

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Queensland focus

Our current 2024 focus is on facilitating the building of the new pavilionHOUSE throughout Queensland.  

The planning and building regulations in operation in most Queensland local government areas provide the immense and immediate opportunity to build a pavilionHOUSE just about anywhere a ‘house’ can be built in Queensland.

A pavilionHOUSE is, after all, a house, albeit built in bits and pieces!

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The Queensland pavilionHOUSE

In the Queensland pavilionHOUSE each pavilion characteristically contains a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, living, and dining areas, and frequently features a screened veranda or two.  

In essence, the new pavilionHOUSE is the simple distribution of the parts of a typical house into separate parts, the result being greater than the sum of the parts.

Residents of a pavilionHOUSE have the privacy of their own pavilion and share a laundry and other ‘common’ areas/amenities such as a pool, food garden, shed, and/or barbeque.

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