Who is the pavilionHOUSE for?

The new pavilionHOUSE is perfect for a wide variety of households who:

value a private pavilion of their own;

may be willing to share care of each other or the land;

may benefit from sharing the cost of electricity, internet, food, and property maintenance, and importantly;

have a choice in socialising with other residents.

Overall, a pavilionHOUSE is ideal for those who want a balance of privacy – peace, quiet, serenity – and community living and interaction.

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community pavilionHOUSE image 1

Diverse designs for diverse desires

A pavilionHOUSE is perfect for a vast variety of emerging and evolving households…

Independent individuals or couples
you may want your own private space but also value social interaction with close neighbours.

Young professionals
you may be looking for more affordable housing options and are prepared to pool resources to meet common interests and needs.

Freelancers, digital nomads, or remote workers
you may want or need to work from home but also want to interact with other like-minded people.

Students or young adults
you may be looking for a ‘communal’ living experience but want your own private space.

community pavilionHOUSE image 2

Families, including extended families
you may be part of an extended or multi-generational family that wants to live close together, but far enough away from each other in separate private spaces.

Older adults or retirees
you are probably looking to downsize into a home which better suits your needs, but you still desire to be part of a small community.

you may be at a stage in life where you need some care, you may be prepared to share the costs of care, but you may prefer the option to isolate in your own space and/or limit contact to other healthy residents, relatives, and visitors.

community pavilionHOUSE image 3

Nature lovers
you may have a dream to live in a small-scale, sustainable, ecologically sensible, and friendly ‘eco-village’ or ‘cohousing’ community that promotes shared resources, food growing, and a low-carbon footprint.

Pet lovers
you may have a beloved pet which you can keep and care for in your own separate, private, space, as well as have access to shared exercise and garden areas.

Food lovers
you may have specific/special dietary requirements or have a food allergy requiring food to be prepared and eaten separately from other residents.

community pavilionHOUSE image 4